It’s official, we did not descend from Chimpanzees

By | July 20, 2009

It's official, we did not descend from ChimpanzeesSome people still have a huge misunderstanding about evolution. Evolution does not say we came from Chimpanzees or any other modern day monkeys.

The evidence suggests that we and modern monkeys had a common ancestor, which was not a human and also was not a monkey. The confusion, of course, comes from the fact that our common ancestor would have looked like a type of monkey to us. But it wasn’t. Got it?

Gradual changes over huge amounts of time can have amazing results.

Richard Dawkins clears up the misunderstanding of Evolution that is all too common: If we descended from Chimpanzees, then why are there still Chimpanzees? Dawkins explains that we DID NOT descend from Chimpanzees—we both share a common ancestor.

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