Vote Fraud: In 59 Philadelphia districts Romney got zero votes

By | November 15, 2012

I voted for a 3rd party candidate because Obama didn’t close Gitmo (among other things) and I did not agree with Romney’s subsidies for oil companies, or his wanting to “double” the Guantanamo Bay detention camp were people are held indefinitely without trials and tortured. He does not admit that water-boarding is suffocation torture, and that fact alone is enough to keep  me from voting for him.

Romney supported the use of enhanced interrogation techniques in handling suspects at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, saying, “. . . enhanced interrogation techniques have to be used — not torture but enhanced interrogation techniques, yes.”[241] When asked directly whether waterboarding was torture, Romney stated, “[A]s a presidential candidate, I don’t think it’s wise for us to describe specifically which measures we would and would not use. […] And I get that advice from Cofer Black, who is a person who was responsible for counterterrorism in the CIA for some 35 years. I get that advice by talking to former generals in our military.”[242] According to Blackwater expert Jeremy Scahill, Romney advisor Cofer Black has been, “a key figure in the extraordinary rendition program, the government-sanctioned kidnap-and-torture program, where prisoners like Maher Arar are sent to third-country hellholes to be tortured.”[243]

Still, no matter how strongly against Romney I am, I find highly improbable that he lost 19,605 to zero in 59 Philadelphia voting districts.

November 13, 2012|By Miriam Hill, Andrew Seidman, and John Duchneskie, Inquirer Staff Writers

It’s one thing for a Democratic presidential candidate to dominate a Democratic city like Philadelphia, but check out this head-spinning figure: In 59 voting divisions in the city, Mitt Romney received not one vote. Zero. Zilch.

These are the kind of numbers that send Republicans into paroxysms of voter-fraud angst, but such results may not be so startling after all.

“We have always had these dense urban corridors that are extremely Democratic,” said Jonathan Rodden, a political science professor at Stanford University. “It’s kind of an urban fact, and you are looking at the extreme end of it in Philadelphia.” …

Article here:

More indications that this was computer vote fraud here:

A poll watcher told WND up to 10 percent of the ballots cast at a polling station in Pennsylvania reverted to a default, which gave Barack Obama a vote no matter who the voter had selected. The incident took place in the state where officials claimed Obama got a total of 19,605 votes in 59 voting divisions to zero for Mitt Romney and not far from the 100 precincts in Ohio where Obama got 99 percent of the vote, a feat not even achieved by third-world dictators. It was in Upper Macungie Township, near Allentown, Pa., where an auditor, Robert Ashcroft, was dispatched by Republicans to monitor the vote on Election Day. He said the software he observed would “change the selection back to default – to Obama.”

Here’s another:

The Market Daily News reported on those 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, that on election day gave Romney zero votes, and Obama got 99 percent. “In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received two votes or less,” the report said. “One would think that such improbable results would get the attention of somebody out there.”

I’m curious about vote fraud in California with regard to Proposition 37. The polls were saying that most people DO want GMOs to be labeled.

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