Visting Roswell, NM

By | August 10, 2009

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.This is my first entry from Roswell, New Mexico. After spending several hours in what must be worlds largest public UFO library, I believe a person could come here and read every day for a month and just scratch the surface. However, focusing on just the declassified military documents available, I’m getting an interesting picture.

A local resident, Sam Salcido, born in May 1947, two months before the famous crash happened, was working at the “Not of this world” Internet Cafe when I met him today. He told me a story that in 1950’s his 20 year old (or so) aunt woke up and saw a light fill her bedroom. She pulled back the curtain, looked out a window and saw a “plate shaped” craft and little people. He figures she must have seen them through some kind of windows in the craft. Knowing her, he’s certain she was not joking about it. He was a teenager when she told him the story. She probably didn’t tell anyone but him and immediate family. His uncle was in the room but slept through it. She is still alive but Sam said on some days she is “here and some days not.” Her sighting was in the “village” of Greenfield, south of Dexter, NM.

Perhaps the aliens were checking out our weapons. It is quite a coincidence that Roswell Army Airforce Base was the only place in the world with a nuclear bomb at the time of the famous UFO crash.

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