Visitor Feedback: Homemade Toothpowder

By | March 11, 2006

Visitor Feedback Homemade Toothpowder

A visitor writes:


Thanks for your very helpful website. I found it in search for a cure for cavities. I’ve been very fortunate as an adult and other than a root canal 6 years ago (never again!!) I’ve had no dental problems.

Then a few months ago I noticed a small cavity developing. (I told my husband I blamed him since the cavity developed in the months since we?ve been married. ;-D ) It had reached the “constantly throbbing” phase when I began looking for a way to cure it. I wasn’t even sure that you could cure it but I was hopeful.

After reading your website the most most consistent things I did were keeping my toothbrush clean (I used peroxide to test the theory before investing in one of those high priced steam cleaners) and rinsing with baking soda after meals. Since I eat out regularly I put some soda in a container to take with me. After leaving the restaurant I sprinkle a bit of soda on my tongue and swish for several minutes ?not twenty but more than two.

As for my toothpaste, I use straight baking soda. Since I keep my toothbrush in peroxide, when I use it, there is a little bit of peroxide moistening the bristles. I dip the brush into baking soda creating a nice cleansing foam when I brush. … peroxide and soda … those are the easiest tools for me.

I alternate the baking soda with a homemade toothpowder every few months to keep things interesting. My homemade powder has french white clay (4 tsp.) and salt (1 tsp), tea tree oil (3 drops) and essential oil of orange (3 drops). The orange oil adds a nice flavor and citrus oils are also anti-bacterial. Put those things in a container and shake vigorously.

I’ve been using homemade toothpowders and baking soda for more than 10 years. I figured I was getting enough fluoride from the city water supply and I find commercial toothpastes much too sweet. So now I’m a toothpowder fan. But more importantly that cavity no longer hurts and my teeth look and feel happy!

Thanks for your helpful research!

Thanks for the tips! Research suggests that flouride is only useful if it is directly in contact with teeth. Drinking it in your water doesn’t really help and may have negative effects on the human brain. ( Also see: 1,2 )

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