Viking Spiderman in US flag cape hangs banner, repels down building, doesn’t get away.

By | September 19, 2008

A caped man free-climbed the Morgan Library wall Thursday afternoon, dropped a giant green banner that said, “Guck the Fuverment” and rappelled down the south side of the building to cheering students and waiting police.

The man, who wore an American flag cape and a novelty viking cap, declined comment as CSU police took him into custody around noon.

The man, who has not yet been identified, tried to flee on a bike stashed in the bushes then tried to juke several police officers on scene as students from classrooms and the plaza stood by. Gaelle Burges, a soil and crop department employee was smoking a cigarette outside the main doors of the library when the scene took place.

She said that the man ran through the plaza and scaled the face of the library in less than 20 seconds. Burges, junior open-option major Katie Rivera, and senior construction management major Tom Kirschenheuter all called the man the “Viking Spiderman.”

Collin Czarnecki, a junior journalism major, witnessed the scene from his Eddy classroom. He said that the caped man rappelled with a rope off the back side of the library and tried to flee by bike from a motorcycle policeman, but had his cape caught in the spokes and failed to escape on foot. – col

Colorado State University Police must have an impressive response time. Interesting way to end a college careeer… assuming he was a student.

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  1. CSUstudent

    While it is an interesting way to let others know of your opinion, it might have ended better for him if he just stayed on the Stump….

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