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By | April 6, 2006

Interesting and dramatic stuff about politics, mind control, UFOs and aliens. Some political cautions about the Neoconservatives and New World Order. Strange fake sounding applause track at the start. Some of the stuff Commander X says is partly factual. Some interesting graphics.

“… the latest supercomputers are powerful enough to monitor the whole worlds population. … covert neurological communications systems are in place to … control social and political activity on behalf of self serving private and military interests… the United States Airforce uses … mind control broadcasts against civilian populations as well as enemy troops … note that mind control technology is classified under non-lethal weapons… the military will have the technology to make potential enemies see, hear, and believe things that do not exist…

the lone gunmen … are mind controlled … who have been programmed to carry out these .. killings . Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnaped and forced into mind control training program.. starting around 1976 … at least 250,000 mind controlled Montauk boys produced at 25 different facilities … many were … programmed as sleeper agents. ”

“… 10 MHz waves” were sent by the Soviets. So the US developed HAARP to alter mental functions. 6 to 12 pulses per seconds could if modulated in just the right way, could cause health problems. … These weapons are invisible when used to alter thoughts and behavior.

“… one of the best ways to rule the masses is through restrictive religious laws.” The New World Order is mostly satanic or godless, but to control the population, they are pushing religion. Pat Robinson is a NWO spokesperson. The Dominionists want biblical rule over every aspect of society. “No legal challenges to God’s Order will be allowed.”

On UFOs, Commander X says: The NWO fears UFOs because they can’t control them. There has been contact with creatures claiming to be from other planets. We’ve exchanged human lives for secret underground alien bases. …” Nazi Germany may have been one of the first countries to actually get their hands on a UFO…or even establish limited communication with the UFO pilots. “

Hmm… My research says that flying disks are German military human designed craft. The tech was captured by the US and developed after WWII. It may be used someday to trick the public into believing aliens are attacking. That would mean the NWO (if it exists) doesn’t fear the UFOs, it owns them. Yes, the Germans could communicate with the UFO pilots … the pilots were other Germans! This raises the possibility that “X” is a govt. agent from our own govt. That would be interesting, because it would perhaps mean that there is a covert op by our govt. to make people actually question their government! Healthy skepticism and even some paranoia is essential to keep corruption in check.

4 thoughts on “Video: Commander X Secret Lecture

  1. Hexxenn

    I’ve seen this video. I’ve never heard so much bullshit in my life. I love the canned audience sound effects, the “secret identity” schtick, and his “OMG THEY KNOW WHERE WE ARE, TIME TO MAKE OUR ESCAPE” melodramatic ending.

    And there are people who actually pay money for this tripe.

  2. Lord Craig Goldsberry

    Hi, I am also a christian soldier and friend to BRANTON and
    am here in Utah….I thought you are supposed to be
    dead? Commader x. yes, I know the truth and am
    a enemy of the NWO ect. – I will watch your video
    haven’t yet, only read your articles years ago-is the
    THE COMMITTEE OF 12 still around? God be with you all

    signed Craig

  3. xeno735

    Hello Craig,
    Hey, I’m just Xeno. I ain’t no Commander X. I’m a civilain musician in the Sacramento CA area with an interest in strange stuff, including politics. I don’t know who Commander X is or what he stands for really. I was just guessing. I think the aliensonearth website has some stuff on him. Is he alive? I don’t know. Who is the Committee of the 12?

  4. Lord Craig Goldsberry

    Hello Xeno,

    Sorry it took me this long to come back to this site and se your message-I am also a musician from California(stuck in Utah) and was
    born in Sacramento but, hail from San Jose.the committee of 12 is also
    know as COM 12 – they are the opposite of MJ 12 or MAJESTIC 12 if you
    prefer and are know now as PI 40 ? speaking of websites try
    Kingdom of Brantonia,infowars,JLN Labs,American Antigravity,Keelynet, science section),last website on the net,paul e. potter’s
    website antigravity back-engineered,freemasonary watch,,,commonlawvenue, ect.

    you may contact me

    also:check out tim beckman’s website

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