Video captures reptilian alien sounds?

By | April 11, 2010

Video captures reptilian alien sounds?

This will be the final clip…the last 14 mins would not upload properly. May I suggest you use stereo earphones/headphones for this clip. In this video clip, at the 1:26 mark, the video slows and sound is cutoff for almost 15 seconds. At this point, I am almost certain there is human spiritual activity in this residence. I’m not discounting alien presence…in fact, there have been cases in which it seems alien activity was attracted and/or used human spiritual activity to help mask their presence. At the 6:09 mark, the bottom left candle disappears as if something moved in front of it. This could have been David while laying in bed, but soon after wards there are very loud, ominous ‘bangs’ and ‘rumbles’ heard. We have thought human spiritual activity was present in this case for some time now and considered it as part of the investigation. There is also more very interesting audio that follows. Please watch the series and read the descriptions. You can refer to this case at and http://phantomsandmonsters.wetpaint.c… – NOTE: this is part of a 7 year ordeal by this family. A few days after this recording, the family members were abducted and taken to several locations. These abductions occurred off and on for the 7 year period. Other evidence is forthcoming. There is a discussion on this case at http://phantomsandmonsters.wetpaint.c…

NOTE: I realize that some people that view the video will need explanation. Yes, the witness (David) and his wife are in bed in the video. Yes, David does have a spotlight and in later clips a laser penlight. There is an explanation for this on the ongoing thread (link above). David does answer some questions there. I realize that filming the reflection of an 180 degree surveillance mirror is somewhat crude but David wanted to view the entire bedroom, as well, there is another reason for this (to be explained later) The strobe light was needed for various reasons also. I acknowledge the information is vague…but as we investigate the evidence, all of this will be covered. Thanks.

Sounds like a slowed down recording of a normal animal roar.  Might be interesting to pull the audio and speed it up.  Probably a hoaxer slowing down an alligator recording.  I think this because it sounds slowed down too much. A creature with a voice box big enough to make that sound would be as big as a T-Rex.

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      Sounds like a movie I’d like to see! I hope you get some solid investments. Have you done other things? May help to give investors an idea of your skills to pull this off.

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