Vehicles: Super Electric Vespa

By | February 28, 2005

A visitor to the site writes:

“Xenophilia: I was wondering if you could help get the word out about a revolutionary new EV that will be released in 2006. It cruises at over 60mph and goes up to 70 miles on a single charge would be the national average electricity cost. Of course, no noise or emissions. The website is , and here’s an insider image of the bike’s new design. I’ve ridden the VXe and it’s amazing. … PS: I am not a Vectrix employee, I just want the VXe to be available here.”


Looks cool, and going 70 miles for around for 34 cents is amazing. Of course, you have to figure in the $8,000 price tag and the cost of replacing the fuel cell, but it still seems like a great deal for those quick hops around town.

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