Vandals target weather monitors

By | January 18, 2009

Vandals target weather monitors

Drivers are being put at risk by vandals destroying weather monitors mistakenly thought to be speed cameras.

Four of the 15 monitors on Lancashire’s roads, including at Garstang Road, Singleton, and Forty Acre Lane, Longridge, have been attacked.

The devices are used to check the weather conditions, giving staff at the county council’s highways department data on how roads should be treated in bad weather.

Sensors have been ripped out, cables cut and other parts removed from the devices, which predict when roads will be affected by freezing temperatures and ice.

The damage is estimated to have cost taxpayers around £20,000. The attacks were believed to have happened between December 14 and January 1.

via Vandals target weather monitors – Lancashire Evening Post.

The photo is of “Weather Cameras”. Speed monitors? Actually the one on the left looks like an evil robot monkey! No, make that a scornful gawking robot monkey with spiders eyes … and it is mocking me!

What a seriously demented design. No wonder people are attacking it.

Well, I don’t know if this is the actual design that people are attacking. It probably isn’t… but if this was the design, it would all make sense.

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