Utilities giving big bucks to Virginia global warming skeptic

By | July 27, 2006

Utilities giving big bucks to Virginia global warming skepticHe’ll support any position, true or not, for price? That would make him the Rush-Limbaugh of Climatology.

“Coal-burning utilities are raising money for one of the few remaining scientists skeptical of the global warming harm caused by industries that burn fossil fuels. Pat Michaels is Virginia’s state climatologist and a University of Virginia professor. He told business leaders last year that he was running out of money to analyze global warming research. So last week, a utility organized a collection campaign to help him out. The Intermountain Rural Electric Association in Colorado gave Michaels 100-thousand dollars and started the fundraising drive. One company planned to give 50-thousand dollars and a third plans to give Michaels money next year. While the utilities are upfront about the funding, others are calling it a clear conflict of interest.” – wavy

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