Utah Bride: Parents Kidnapped Me

By | December 7, 2006

Utah Bride Parents Kidnapped Me

PROVO, Utah – A woman whose parents are charged with kidnapping her to stop her wedding testified tearfully Wednesday that they grabbed her by the hair and told her she was breaking the commandment to honor them. … “They told me Perry was evil and wicked and abusive,” Myers said, referring to her fiance, now her husband. … District Judge James Taylor did not immediately set a trial date on the second-degree kidnapping charge, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison. – philly

These parents crossed the line, but what do you do when people you care about make unhealthy choices? It depends on the situation. Often there is nothing you can do. All adults, including our kids and friends, have to make their own mistakes when it comes to love. Present your case objectively and offer alternatives if they will listen. Some self abusive people will get mad and cut you off if you try to help. Sometimes you have to get some distance to avoid being hurt by a loved one’s insistence on self abuse.

What do the Utah laws say, if, for example, this man was beating these parent’s adult daughter, but the daughter refused to press charges due to fear of blackmail or physical retaliation?
Parents usually have the first 18 years to teach kids to be skeptical. I’m guessing that this woman’s parents, being highly religious, discouraged her from being skeptical. Now they are dismayed by her non-skeptical choice of a mate. Duh.

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