US Heat Wave: Can the Power Grids Hold?

By | July 18, 2006

US Heat Wave Can the Power Grids HoldHere’s a pic of my car thermometer showing the outside temperature yesterday. The heat was brutal.

“As the US heat wave ramps up and goes nationwide, many are expressing concern wondering if the nation’s power grid can hold as American’s turn down the thermostat and crank up the air conditioning.

A report from Reuters notes that PJM Interconnection, the largest U.S. interconnected power grid operator on Tuesday has called for energy-saving measures, but it has stopped short of projecting a new record for power demand. …

Scores of communities Monday reported temperatures of more than 100 degrees: Redding, Calif., about 160 miles north of Sacramento, reached 110 degrees;”

“Calif. Governor Schwarzenegger ordered state agencies, departments, boards and commissions to implement energy conservation plans and reduce the state’s use of electricity at peak hours by 25 percent for the rest of the week” – yuba

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