Update on Chilean UFO Videos: Getting the Bugs Out

By | April 17, 2012

2012-04-13-small.jpgOn March 13, Ralph Blumenthal and I published a story about a case from Chile which has since sparked considerable controversy. The official UAP research organization in Santiago, known as the CEFAA (Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), had provided information about an anomaly caught on multiple video tapes during an air show at the nearby El Bosque Air Base on Nov. 5, 2010.

Gen. Ricardo Bermúdez, Director of the CEFAA, first showed one of the videos — the same one we released — during his lecture at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix last February. “Seven spectators located in different places, each with his own camera, filmed the flybys. In the seven videos, the same thing appeared,” he told the audience. His lecture is now posted at the CEFAA website.

I interviewed the general just before his Phoenix presentation, having been tipped off about the case after contacting the CEFAA a few days earlier. “Something anomalous was there, and our astronomers, who are non-believers, said it’s an object,” he told me. “When it approaches, there is an intelligent maneuver demonstrated. What it is remains unknown, but we are not finished with the analysis.”

Experts in Chile examined the footage, which comes from digital cameras and cell phones, and ruled out conventional explanations. “We have studied this case in different ways,” said Bermúdez in his lecture. “First we gave all the films it to our astronomers. They proceeded with their own software and system. Second, we gave the film to the air force specialists, the Air Photogrammetric Service. They used their own procedures. Third, we at the CEFAA made an internal analysis with our own specialists.”

And he added: “We will continue making an analysis and hope we can arrive at a scientific conclusion as soon as possible.”

Among the Chilean analysts, Alberto Vergara, an expert in digital imaging, stated that “When we examine the whole scene frame by frame, we have been able to realize that [the object] has, apparently, moved at a speed far superior to any flying object of known manufacture. Therefore it is worthy of continuing to investigate its origin.”

Perhaps Blumenthal and I asked too many provocative rhetorical questions and did not stress enough that this investigation is continuing, as Bermúdez and Vergara stated. And now the search for the “scientific conclusion” has been given new life. After the story broke, photo analysts and investigators from several countries approached the CEFAA and asked if they could study the videos. A few, because of their qualifications, have already begun detailed, independent work on the case. They will remain anonymous for now. Further questions, some of which have been raised in response to our story, will be addressed by them during this process.

In accordance with the wishes of the scientific team in Chile and these new analysts, General Bermúdez will not be releasing any more videos now, so that the public can be fully informed and maximum understanding achieved when the full package is released. Those involved agree that the new studies should be completed first.

The CEFAA is committed to the resolution that everyone is requesting, but it will take time. No, the organization is not trying to hide anything; I have full access to this investigation and will monitor it as it develops. It is clear to me why Bermúdez isn’t going to prematurely toss the videos out onto the Internet to be played with by unqualified people — especially after what happened with the first clips.

Skeptics caused quite a stir by taking it upon themselves to do their own “analysis” of the video clips and then to declare, with bravado, that the object of concern was simply a bug. Often this involved misquoting or misrepresenting me and the CEFAA in accompanying text. The question of qualifications aside, these individuals were handicapped by one even more overwhelming problem: Tthey were working without the necessary data required to make a proper analysis, and, most importantly, they were looking at video clips pulled from only one of the multiple cameras.

“The existence of more than one video, taken by different people at different distances catching the same scene, inclines us to believe this is not just a bug,” Bermúdez told me last week. “We do not owe anything to anyone on this, because we are interested only in the science. However, we will give further details when these other studies are completed.” …

via Leslie Kean: Update on Chilean UFO Videos: Getting the Bugs Out.

If you are interested in the science, release all the videos. Otherwise, by releasing only one video, you make us think this is a big scam, like you are afraid to be embarrassed. Right now the most logical explanation is a lot of bugs flying around and getting on multiple cameras and you think it is one single UFO with amazing abilities.  Show us otherwise. Thanks.

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