UP villagers worship child having two faces and four eyes

By | March 13, 2008

twohead4eyesbaby.jpg Villagers thronged to worship an unusual girl child born with two faces and four eyes due to deformity in a village of Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.Born to Vinod Singh and his wife Sushma, the child was warmly welcomed by the villagers, who considered the baby with the oddity as an incarnation of God and made offerings of money and seeking her blessings.

Meanwhile, the child’s family felt it would be helpful if the government took the initiative for the treatment.

“She has been discharged from hospital and is doing fine. People worship her in accordance with their beliefs. If the government finds suitable treatment, we would happily accept it,” said Braham Singh, grandfather of the child.

The girl child, who was born on Monday (March 10) at Saifi hospital of Dadri town is doing fine and so is the mother.

“A patient was admitted to our hospital around quarter to six in the morning. An unusual girl child was delivered normally with two heads and four eyes. Both mother and the child are healthy and doing fine,” said Aas Mohammad, a doctor at Saifi hospital.

Scores of villagers, who gathered in the house, continued singing devotional prayers and placing the picture of Hindu Goddess Laxmi besides the girl child. – topnews

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