Unusual Doe With Antlers Shot ( Alien Animal Experiments? )

By | November 25, 2006

Unusual Doe With Antlers Shot  Alien Animal Experiments

A Missouri hunter shoots a 28-point deer that just happens to be a doe.

“This doe jumped the fence, and I knew it didn’t look exactly right,” Becker said. “I thought about not shooting it, but then thought, ‘We don’t need it in the gene pool.'”

The doe Howard Becker of Sarcoxie, Mo., shot is a unique animal in many ways. Antlers are normally only found on bucks. Also, the antlers were low-hanging, which is rare. And the antlers seemed to have developed randomly, rather than branching off another main antler. – kcra

Soon afterwards, the hunter’s rectum was removed with a nutrino laser by aliens and he was left to bleed to death in a field. The Grey Alien who picked him had coincidentally also genetically engineered the horns on the doe as a prank. The Grey projected telepathically to his companion on the dark side of the moon: “6 billion humans. We didn’t need this one in the gene pool.”

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