Unknown creature rips apart family SUV

By | April 15, 2009

A family in Lincoln County, North Carolina is in shock and experts are scratching their heads after a bizarre car attack.

Holly Gilliam says she woke up to find her SUV ripped apart. She says the scary part is that she didn’t hear or see anything all night.

The automobile lights were ripped out and the body of her car has thousands of dollars worth of damage. The unknown creature also destroyed the brakes.

There were even some muddy paw prints no bigger than tennis balls left on the SUV.

“I would have never thought anything could do that. And if it did that to the car, what could it do to me?” said 8-year-old R.J. Gilliam. “I’m gonna be on the lookout all the time to see if anything’s coming at me.”

Experts couldn’t say for sure what caused the damage.

via Unknown creature rips apart family SUV | STATE NEWS | KHOU.com | News for Houston, Texas.

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