Uniter Approves Divder

By | October 27, 2006

Uniter Approves Divder

US border barrier faces a wall of criticism.American President George Bush has come under fire for signing legislation to build a fence on its border with Mexico to fight illegal immigration. … In signing the bill, Bush said that he is taking seriously America’s responsibility to secure its borders. But many critics say the fence is just a gimmick to win votes with mid-term elections just ten days away. Illegal immigration is top of the political agenda in the southern states bordering Mexico, and the Republicans face a fight to keep control of congress in the up-coming ballot.

Mexico’s President-elect Felipe Calderon has likened the fence to the Berlin Wall. He was speaking on a tour to Canada. “I’d like to repeat that it seems to us a deplorable decision that the United States Congress and the government has made to go ahead and build a wall along the border. Walls do not resolve anything.” – eunews

Mexican officials have condemned US plans for a 700-mile (1,125km) fence along the two states’ border, signed into law by President Bush on Thursday” – bbc

This $2.2 billion wall will also keep people in the US when Bush has the military take over the country.

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