UN spends $621,226 dollars of aid money on its own ’21st Century Sistine Chapel’

By | November 21, 2008

A stunning work of art dubbed the 21st century Sistine Chapel after being installed in the United Nations’ Geneva offices has sparked a furious row over its £17million cost.

The 16,000-square-foot elliptical dome full of bright colours and torn aluminium stirred controversy after it emerged it was partly paid for with Spain’s international aid fund.

Of the £6.75million spent by the Spanish government for Majorcan artist Miquel Barcelo’s work, £422,000 came from funds normally used to help alleviate poverty and boost healthcare in poorer countries. – dailymail

What they should have done, especially with the prophesy of economic collapse coming true, was spend that money to hire poor kids to do the work. Then they’d still have the same art and they’d have saved kids from starving to death.


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  1. Alex

    One can always finds another mouth to feed if look around. A wonderful piece of arts like this is no where on the earth one can find another one even close to it. It’s beautiful and powerful. It worths every euro spent on it. Only time will tell people how valuable it is.

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