UN declares a day of universal joy

By | July 2, 2012

The United Nations on Thursday declared that March 20 each year will be the International Day of Happiness — and it wants everyone to join in the fun.

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution proclaiming the new commemoration that adds to an already packed UN calendar of international days — from world poetry day to world migratory bird day.

“The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal,” said the resolution which was passed by consensus in the 193-member assembly.

The resolution calls on all member states “to observer the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness activities.”

Securing happiness day was part of a diplomatic campaign by the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan which already has its own gross national happiness index.

Many governments now say that new elements, including happiness, must be included in ways of measuring prosperity which are now dominated by economic indicators.

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You have 8 months to prepare. Where will you be on March 20th, 2013? What would make you happy on that day? I’d like to see all wars must stop on that day. No fighting for one day per year. Is 24 hours of peace too much to ask  from our  violent species?

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  1. Fred Killer

    What is this wickedness? This ‘happiness’ that ye spake of?

    Happiness will do ye no good. Repent, Oh ye speakers in tongues!

    For all of ye were born into everlasting sin, I tell thee!

    To be flogged and punished for thy mere existence!

    It must be the work of the evil one himself, to be sure; always trying to turn the flock away from The Lord, Our Father; the only true source of contentment.

    Something like that anyway. It’s hard to be happy though, knowing that at any given moment throughout your entire life, someone or something was/is being abused, raped, tortured, murdered and otherwise made to suffer unspeakably.

    I’m not trying to spoil the fun here but there has never been a single moment in your life when no-one was in agony and torment beyond imagination and everything was all fine and dandy.

    How blind must one be to the suffering of others, to be ‘happy’.

    If ignorance is bliss, what is awareness and compassion?

    Only when this Godforsaken Relativistic Universe is ended, or transcended, will happiness be worth celebrating and have any real value, for then and only then, in the realm of absolute love from whence we came, may we be truly free, forever more.

    That is, if some dumbass doesn’t insist on creating more evil so that they too can be given the opportunity to ‘forgive someone to experience their highest and grandest vision of who they really are’, when evil didn’t otherwise need to exist.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Evil only exists because love would have no meaning without it. Therefore, love is evil too, for it makes evil necessary as it’s opposite.

    Therefore, evil will exist until we are satisfied with being balanced and neutral; neither positive or negative to an extreme, lest it dominate the other and lead to war or some such needless suffering.

    It’s this childish insistence on being ‘happy’ all the time that prevents people facing the sometimes harsh realities of life, many of which are perpetuated by that very state of ignorant bliss and ‘not wanting to go there’.

    There is much work to be done. You can be happy all you want when you’re resting in peace, waiting for your next trip down the rabbit-hole.

    If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, etc.

    Happy now?

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