UK Releases Archive UFO Files – Some accounts are very bizarre

By | March 24, 2009

This is just one of the countless drawings depicting alleged UFO sightings around the worldOver the years, it would appear that numerous UFOs have visited Great Britain, as evidenced by declassified files that have just recently been released for the general public. Official papers document people’s encounters with supposed aliens, as well as numerous sightings of aircrafts that flew in various patterns across the sky that are inaccessible to human flying capabilities. There are, of course, critics who dismiss these claims, saying that nearly all of them can be explained.

And it’s precisely “nearly” that’s the operating word here. Out of the hundreds of testimonies, say 70 to 80 percent are logically explainable. But what about the others, people ask. It may be, indeed, the case that some individuals mistook air balloons for UFOs at night, but what about those events that took place in the middle of the day, when flight controllers from London’s Heathrow Airport witnessed the flight of a black, inverted boomerang-shaped UFO, which hovered above the landing strips, off their control tower, and then simply flew away in zig-zag.

“The vast majority of reports are ordinary things seen in extraordinary situations. So many things can be interpreted as unusual, you’ve got to eliminate all that noise and see what’s left. I don’t think there’s any solid evidence that we have been visited by intelligent life, but I don’t think you can rule that out. There are many good examples of puzzling things, for example seen on radar by the military, that need investigating,” Dr David Clarke, who is an UFO expert, says.

The documents are reportedly available for download from the National Archives website, which features numerous accounts taken from hundreds of people over the years. Some even have drawings of the alleged sightings attached to the original testimonies of the individuals and of the policemen that interviewed them.

Around 1992, on a coastal road in Louth, Lincolnshire, several persons witnessed what they termed a UFO sighting. Reportedly, many of them stopped their cars, and stepped out of the vehicles in order to analyze the large, triangular object that was looming overhead, and which sported three lights on its body. When the crowd got too big, the craft simply zipped away, at more than 500 mph, towards the Northwest.

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