UK police bust plot to kill Queen

By | August 19, 2008

UK police bust plot to kill Queen

An Islamist terror cell busted with details of bomb-making and suicide vests is said to have been plotting to kill the British Queen and some high-profile members of the royal family, including Prince Charles. ( Watch )

This suspicion has been drawn from a list, containing information about the queen, the duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York and Princess Royal, which police have recovered from the possession of the arrested members of the terror cell, the Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Also on the list were the names of princess Michael of Kent, the duke and duchess of Gloucester and the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

“They had details of explosives and poisons along with information about London landmarks and a computer folder on royal residences. We’d be foolish to rule out the fact that they may have been planning an attack,” the newspaper quoted a counter-terrorism source as saying.

In fact, the arrested members had in their possession pictures, maps and details of the opening hours of official residences of the royal family, and prominent landmarks like the houses of parliament, Tower Bridge, apart from a home-made video of the Washington Memorial and World Bank in the US. According to Detective Chief Superintendent John Parkinson, the head of the counter terrorism unit in Leeds, the men posed a “very real threat”.

“Let there be no doubt these are dangerous individuals. These men were not simply in possession of material which expressed extremist views. They were also in possession of material that was operationally useful to anyone wishing to carry out an act of violence or terrorism,” he said. –timesofindia

Very real threat. No doubt. Why question it? You aren’t questioning it are you? Good. Because the danger is extreme. No question.

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