Mr. Rowley the Dragon Seer.

By | August 17, 2009

There hasn’t been any alien activity for several days now near Michael Rowley’s home — creatures only appear three days before or after a full moon — but he says something else is now active.

“The actual North Port devil was spotted flying overhead, and it’s going to be back the next full moon,” he said. “It’s going to show up, and we’re going to catch it on film. It’s a dragon, and it’s got all sorts of alien friends out there.”

Since Rowley went public with his claims of aliens in the woods near his home in the eastern part of town earlier this month, he’s been inundated with calls and e-mails from different media outlets and Web sites.

News stations in Naples, Alabama and Colorado have picked up the story, as did supermarket favorite Weekly World News.

And Rowley, 58, said he’s received “hundreds” of e-mails from the Netherlands, Australia and around the U.S. …

Another person visited with a ouija board and asked questions about what was in the woods. Rowley said there was no response when the board was asked if there were “alien grays” or “reptilian creatures” in the woods.

“Then … he asked if there was a dragon in the woods, and the thing went crazy,” Rowley said.

Many of the visitors to the home Rowley shares with his 15-year-old son, Shane, have signed the guest book he keeps handy and shared their experiences of mysterious creatures and occurrences. Once a person has signed the book, Rowley turns the page so other guests won’t be influenced by what someone else has recorded previously. “People would look back and say, ‘My God, they saw the same thing I did,'” Rowley said, proceeding to read some of the guest book entries.

“Shawn writes, ‘red lights, noises.’ Tyler writes, ‘red eyes, tall, long, bright legs.’ Babs came and wrote in my book ‘blinking, square lights,'” he read. Rowley recalled how two women in their 20s, Tanya and Jaclyn, visited recently and heard “something like wings beating air, loud crashes and stomping sounds” while on Rowley’s porch.

“The dragon came stomping through in a rush to meet these two young ladies. It was very supernatural, and that really shocked me,” he said. “My favorite one is from Mike K., who writes, ‘I saw something flying over the street, long, skinny and fast, then it was out of sight and I couldn’t tell exactly what it was.'”

Rowley, who believes his son has been abducted by aliens in the past and “lost time,” says Shane — after an encounter with a shorter alien gray — figured out how to keep that from happening by locking eyes with it and not blinking. Mutual UFO Network — also known as MUFON — was investigating Rowley’s claims, but he hasn’t heard from them lately.

“They have totally quit, but I do my own investigations,” he said. Rowley invites anyone interested to contact him through his Web site and then come to his home three days before to three days after the next full moon — Sept. 4 — and bring cameras to capture the creatures on film.

“I really believe (the dragon is) going to make a grand reappearance,” he said. “I think it will be a great show.” He is also looking to sell T-shirts, his home and a plaster cast he claims was taken of the creature’s footprint. For more information, visit

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