UFOs seen during atomic tests

By | August 19, 2009

Robert Hastings has an interview with Walter C. Levine, who was at the Nevada Test Site for the “Teapot” series of atomic tests:

Teapot Test… I had a total of 1250 hours of observation time in that little shack during the Teapot tests.

Now, almost all of the lights that I saw looked like round objects. But I think some of them looked square. They weren’t that close. You couldn’t see any kind of craft, just bright flying objects. Some were red; others were—I couldn’t really tell—white or yellow. Some had [smaller] lights on them, for example, red and white or red and orange. But they would be moving straight ahead and then violently move to one side or the other. They would make 90-degree turns! You know, immediately change direction and then accelerate and shoot out of sight, just like that! Very, very fast. They were definitely not stars. They mainly moved from south to north. I’m positive about that. The tests were at Yucca Flat, uh, 30 miles or so northwest of the base. They were doing tower bursts and airdrops from B-36s.

I asked Levine if any of the UFOs had hovered. He replied, “No, I don’t remember that.” I asked him to estimate the approximate number of times he saw the objects. “I couldn’t give you the [exact] count but, believe me, there were numerous occasions. We didn’t see them every night, obviously, but I would guess it was dozens of times. But, during the entire time I was at Indian Springs, from September of 1954 to February of ’57, I only saw these things after the Teapot tests. …

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