UFOs disabling nukes

By | February 17, 2012

UFOs disabling nukes

It would be great of aliens would save us from ourselves. If they have been watching and can disable nukes, I wonder why they didn’t disable the second nuke we dropped on Japan. Why did they allow on 8/9/1945 at 12:02 pm the bomb known as “Fat Man” to explode at 1,849 feet with a force of 22,000 tons of TNT killing 39,000 people and injuring another 25,000? Surely they saw us kill 66,000 people with the bomb dropped earlier on Hiroshima?

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  1. luca lotto

    it seems to me that human life is not that important to them. WW2 cost about 50 million human lifes.
    in 1945 the threat to the planet itself due to human activities was not enough for them to come out (my opinion of course). But that changed substantially in the late 50’s when the human finally become able to make the planet as a whole inhabitable and I guess that they just decided to make clear that they won’t let us blow the Earth apart just because of our disputes.
    That’s just a guess with with no underlying research or something…

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