UFO startles elderly Gorey residents

By | September 11, 2009

Watchers of the skies: Sisters Gladys and Christine Manning, who say that they saw a UFO in their back garden. Picture by Richard Wainwright (00784296)IT was red, it hovered in the sky, it looked something like a dolls’ house and travelled at great speed.

The UFO was watched intently by two elderly sisters who live at Gorey and who now want to find out if anyone else saw what made their jaws drop late last Friday night.

Gladys Manning (92) was opening the side curtain in her lounge in Place Le Couteur when she saw the red object in a gap between trees behind her garden at about 11.30 pm.

‘I was so shocked that I called out to Christine and forgot she was deaf. In a second it flashed off across the sky towards Gorey Pier,’ said Gladys. However, when Gladys went to open the other curtain the object came back to hover in the same place, and this time it was seen by Christine.

Again the object, which the women said appeared to them to be about the size of a television screen, was there for a few seconds before it zipped off at speed in the same direction as before.

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