UFO spotted in Dedworth?

By | January 6, 2009

Red Flying LanternsSTARGAZERS in Windsor were left stunned after mysterious bright lights illuminated the night sky, believing they may have seen a UFO.

Gobsmacked residents in the Dedworth area of Windsor were among the first to witness the unidentified flying object as it hovered above houses before flying off towards Slough.

Gino Gaudio, of Wolf Lane, rushed to record the strange episode on his mobile phone after he had noticed a number of bright orange orbs of light floating in the sky above his home at around 9.40pm on Monday last week.

He said: “I was looking outside and I thought to myself ‘what was that in the background?’ and saw bright orange lights.

“Three of the lights seemed to be in a kind of formation and one was in the back. I tried to be rational and thought what it could be.”

Cryptic sightings are often met with scepticism and astronomers remain uncertain as to the existence of UFOs, but the 49-year-old repair centre manager has been left convinced by his close encounter, despite the obvious proximity to Heathrow Airport.

He added: “It wasn’t an aeroplane because they have red and white lights, it was not a firework and it was too high to be a street light. It sounds crazy, but the three of them moved so fast and then just disappeared. I just wonder if anyone else saw it.”

Confirmed sightings of the festive UFO are starting to pile up as other Windsor residents have since come forward with their own tales of the unexpected.

Scott Parkinson, of Nelson Road, was setting off for a night out with friends when he caught sight of the floating phenomenon above nearby Monks Road at about 10.30pm.

The 21-year-old web designer said: “I looked up and saw about six floating things and before long there were about ten of them. The best way to describe them would be to say they looked like kid’s lanterns. …

via Slough Observer | News | VIDEO: UFO spotted in Dedworth?.

It is amazing and somewhat funny how many people have not heard about “glow lanterns“, aka “flying lanterns“.

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