UFO Over Santa Clarita

By | February 9, 2013

The entire video is CGI – not just the ships – everything. The car, the sky, the clouds, everything. The filmmaker is professional animator Aristomenis “Meni” Tsirbas, who worked on Hellboy and Titanic among other movies.

via UFO Over Santa Clarita – YouTube.
Aristomenis Tsirbas Picture

Aristomenis Tsirbas (b. Montreal, Canada) majored in film production at Concordia University. After several years working as a graphic designer and film editor, “Meni” moved to Los Angeles to work on visual effects. His first major projects were on Titanic and national advertising spots for Nike, 7-Up, and Coca-Cola. He then graduated to visual and digital effects supervisor for such projects as A Wrinkle in Time and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Meni made a string of highly successful animated shorts, including Ray Tracey in Full Tilt, Mech Warrior: Vengeance, and the acclaimed The Freak that won more than a dozen awards.

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More fun:

…Test footage for a live action film directed by Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas. Meni and his team combined live action facial capture, full body motion capture, hand animation, and photoreal CGI to produce this proof of concept for a feature film called “ANTHRO”. The entire test took 3 months to complete.

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