UFO Over Republic Of Khakassia Stirs The Locals (Video) | Paranormal

By | April 27, 2013

20130427-004415.jpgA student from the city Abazi, located in the Republic of Khakassia in Russia, shot accidentally UFO pictures became a sensation throughout the country. Sonia Kudryavtseva was walking with a friend and decided to take a picture.

“We started to shoot and Dasha said,” See what a bird in the sky! “Looked up. Saw something large and round, and moved quickly. Stood perhaps ten seconds. We were shooting, we shot – we were able to make three frames , “Sonja tells the local TV” Abazi. “

She remembers the excitement that the plate even shook and issue whistling sounds. Even tried to shoot against the UFO, but the object disappeared in the meantime. Those 10 seconds completely changed the view of student existence of aliens.

Pretty good video. Neat UFO, surprisingly clear and … a suacer for once. …


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