UFO or bizarre natural phenomenon?

By | August 5, 2009

An image of a boulder-like object that appears as if suspended mid-air has China’s paranormal researchers totally stumped.

Mr Gang Hao was taking photos of scenery near his house in the city of Gushan on the 19th of July. After he had the photos developed he noticed this most peculiar feature in one of the images (above and below). He contacted paranormal researchers but they haven’t been able to solve the puzzle. Is this some sort of UFO disguised as an earthly rock or is it the result of an unknown natural phenomenon?

Did some force send a rock into the sky at that particular moment or could this be a meteor? Mr Hao didn’t hear anything at the time. What do you think?

(Note: The image looks photoshopped to me but perhaps a reader is familiar with such phenomena)

via All News Web – UFO or bizarre natural phenomenon?.

Warning: The credibility of All News Web is, according to many is very low.  In other words, this is most likely a junk story. But I like the photo anyway. It would be fun to make rocks float. Yoda did it best, IMHO.

2 thoughts on “UFO or bizarre natural phenomenon?

  1. Atrueoriginall

    I seriously hope that nobody takes All News Web seriously. That website is a few levels below India Daily with the only exception being that he doesn’t continually use the words, “our scientists” and “algorithm” such as they.

    I’ve seen nothing but full-blown fabrications coming out of All News Web and Cohen is the culprit.

    Fabricating for website hits for an ad base is their only intention, and they’re doing that by preying on the ufo enthusiast in order to achieve such.

    How many phony, hoax reports does he have to manufacture in order for everyone to catch on to his antics. Instead, he gets picked up over and over again when his posts should be in the trash.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Thanks for the reminder Atrueoriginall. I think I came to that same conclusion a few years ago (I think it was about All News Web, anyway…), but I was in a hurry with this post and forgot to check the source. Is there a credibility rating Firefox plug in? 😉

      This caught my eye because I’ve been in Utah for the past few days and I’ve seen some real amazing rocks that look suspended/impossibly balanced (but not floating).

      It would, of course, be possible to create this effect in real life, without photoshop. You could make a hot air balloon look like a rock and tie it to an invisible line. If you made several of them it might make a neat art project.

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