UFO-like effects on cars near radar dome in UK

By | March 2, 2006

“The giant grey “golf ball” cuts a sinister shape on the seaside skyline as it goes about its silent duty of helping protect the radarnation. But strange things, that could be part of an X-Files episode, are happening in the shadow of the radar dome. Frightened motorists have had their engines and lights cut out, while instrument dials crash to zero or speed to 150mph as they cruise past the landmark on the North Norfolk coast.

… “We must have had 30 cars in with problems over the past couple of months. And they are only the ones we know about, so there could be more. It is a mixture of lights and engines cutting out, along with dashboards going haywire.”

… During six years in the RAF as a fighter controller Mr Crayford worked at Trimingham’s “mother station” at Neatishead before joining the motor trade. He is barred under the Official Secrets Act from saying too much about the dome – which is a key part of the national air defence system.

But he said: “Something must have changed – either the frequency or output – for this to happen. “I lodged an official complaint with the Ministry of Defence two weeks ago, but incidents are still happening. We get about five a week, and had three more on Friday.” An MoD spokeswoman confirmed it was investigating complaints about the radar head interfering with cars.” – edp24

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