UFO lands in Texas, multiple eyewitnesses of two ‘creatures’

By | December 17, 2009

This from MUFON via Examiner.com. Doesn’t seem to be on the UFO Stalker map yet.

“A group of Texas witnesses near Monahans watched an oval-shaped UFO near ground level with two “strange men” nearby on December 11, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.” – examiner

Perhaps a hoax, but a good little story. Regarding the story, somehow I doubt anyone would “burst out laughing” about anything shortly after witnessing something like this.

http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j273/Redwoodjedi/fig09-aliens-crop.jpgWe were having a family/friends get together to celebrate a birthday. During the celebration two of my nephews and a neice came tearing into the house, screaming at the top of their lungs, saying that a plane crashed in one of the adjacent pastures. My Brother, myself and about 3 others walked outside to see what was causing all the ruckus.

We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary except a strange burning smell that smelled like burning mesquite. we didn’t think anything of it since it was kind of nippy and someone could have been burning some wood in thier fireplaces. We told them to show us where they saw the plane go down and we walked over to the place they showed us.

The first thing we noticed was that all the dogs in the area were going bonkers. They were barking up a storm, like they were all seeing the same thing.

The area we live in is pretty much a rural community, unless you live in the city of Monahans, many of the houses are set on large plots of land, usually 4-5 acres per house. Although we can see the houses of many of our neighbors and we do have traffic on the road, you do get the feeling of being all to yourself out here. Some of the land by our house is over run by wild mesquite tree’s. only a small portion of the land surrounding the house is cultivated and cleared out. Beyond the stand of trees runs a small barbed wire fence that seperates us from our neighbors, who I could see were home from the lights on in the house.

We walked around the edge of the trees, not wanting to really go into the stand at night. Even though its technically winter, there could be rattlesnakes seeking shelter in amongst the tree’s, not to mention that mesquite trees have some wicked thorns that protrude from them, they are razor sharp and quite capable of punching through a pair of jeans or boots and they hurt like hell to get out.

As we looked around, we started noticing a sort of electrical charge to the very air around us. Almost like the kind you feel when you approach a large electrical substation or a charged and active radio antenna.

As we made our way around the trees, one of my brothers noticed some light peeking through the trees, I told him it was probably one of the neighbors leaving or coming home. He promptly told me that it couldn’t be head lights because the light seemed too defused and not as concentrated as a car’s headlight.

We moved around and as we cleared the stand of trees, we were shocked to see an oval shaped object hovering, maybe 4-5 feet off the ground. We stood there in total shock, and awe. I can only imagine that our jaws were probably on the ground. As we stood there watching this object hover there without a sound, I took note that the object was maybe about 30-40 feet from front to back, it was maybe the same dimensions around. The object seemed to be of a highly polished material that reflected the area around it. The reflection of the distant street lights from the surrounding neighbors properties seemed to reflect off the surface of the object. There was also a small dull glow to the object, barely noticable unless you were really looking, almost like an aura of sorts, a irredecent blue of sorts.

As we stood there in total shock, My brother next to me expressing his disbelief, we saw two strange looking “Men” appear from around the object. They at first didn’t notice us, they were busy running around and gathering objects from the ground, from the trees. They didn’t seem to notice us at first. They looked to be about the size of my oldest nephew, about 4 feet tall, but they looked very skinny, like they had no meat on their bones. Their heads were large and their arms were long, skinny and hung down around their knee’s. About this time my two nephews came walking up behind us (scaring the hell out of us). They saw the object and the strange “men” and in a voice that only a kid can project, screamed out loud “WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!”.

Thats when the creatures turned and noticed us. The sight of these creatures was something that will haunt me till the day I die. It turned and looked right at us. It’s eyes were large, almost like the eyes of a praying mantis, except they were jet back and wrapped around its head. the two creatures looked at us for about 7 seconds, not an ounce of movement, before they calmly walked around the craft, one right after the other. they disappeard behind the craft and we never saw them again.

A few seconds later the craft lifts up, not a sound coming from the object, no rush of wind, not even a swaying of the nearby branches of a mesquite tree. It rose quietly and hovered about 40 feet from the ground, and shot out like a bat out of hell. As it zoomed away, it started glowing and made it easier to track as it zoomed away getting higher and higher till it faded away.

We stood there in complete silence as we tried to make heads or tails of what the hell we just saw. My brother finally piped up and said “Should we call the police?” After which, I burst out in laughter and replied to him ” And tell them what?” My nephew looked like he had just seen the devil himself, which considering what we just saw I don’t blame him.

He didn’t want to talk about it, and after we made our way back to the house, he still didn’t talk about. I tried to ask him about it yesterday and he basically told me that he didn’t want to think about it yet, he was still processing what had happened to him. I was more than happy to leave it at that.

I never really believed in the subject of UFO’s or Alien’s, but after the events of this night, I’m seriously going to re-evaluate that belief.

I know that I plan to keep my mind open, and start looking up towards the sky a little bit more from now on.

Thank you

original submission link

There have been two recent Texas sightings with entities reported:

Date Submitted Date of Event Short Description Location of Event
2009-12-15 2009-12-05 Saw UFO land and occupants come out TX, US
2009-12-14 2009-12-11 Object hovering just off the ground, strange “men” scurrying about around the craft TX, US

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  1. Ann


    I have a suggestion. Try to get an interview with Stanton T. Friedman. He on the board at MUFON as a chief investigator. Ask your readers to submit questions. Then you can send them to him by email, but weed out the ones Stanton has already answered at his website. He is, as I understand, quite open to interviews and the like. And, he is quite a knowledgeable source of information, after all he’s been researching UFOs since the 1950s (He’s in his 70s.)

    Just an idea.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Great idea. I was not aware that he does interviews with interested bloggers, but it sounds worth a try. What would you ask? Here are a few questions I’d have off the top of my head:

      – Does he believe there are aliens on earth?
      – Has he seen any?
      – Has he seen a UFO, and if so what is his best explanation of it?
      – Has he talked to anyone he honestly believes has seen an alien?
      – Does he think the military uses the alien story to cover up real secret craft?
      – Does the US government currently secretly fly any circular winged aircraft?
      – What credence does he give the belief that circular winged aircraft were developed by Germans during WWII?
      – Does he believe the foo fighters were several different models of jet propelled German UAVs?
      – What does he believe took place during the battle of LA?
      – Does he believe governments are sitting on super energy technologies because they know we are too socially violent to use such gifts with maturity?
      – Does he believe there is a network of underground mag lev trains connecting underground and undersea bases around the world?
      – Does he believe we have bases on the Moon and Mars?
      – What does he think happened at Roswell?
      – What does he think the Mothman was?
      – With all the various voices out there, who does he recommend we read as careful and discerning UFO researchers?

  2. Ann

    I heard Friedman interviewed on radio, when he even gave his address. He lives in a small town … I forgot where … in Maine? It wasn’t a secret, anyway, he says.

    About your Roswell question, he is considered the foremost authority on Roswell. He’s been working on that subject since the 1950s and has personally interviewed some of the original people involved. While your on the bases of the moon with him, ask what he thinks about the British hacker, who claims that NASA has touched up photos of those bases? I like your L.A. question as well as the one on Mothman.

    Here’s my questions. I realize, as he had said, a lot of recent supposed sightings of UFOs are fake. As he said, anyone with a computer and appropriate programs can create any kind of image. But, other than that, does he think there are more sightings of UFOs in present than in the past? Sightings come in waves, so it seems, are people in the last so many years seeing more authentic UFOs than in the past?

    Or, has the technologies at the disposal of people today, video cams etc., through the internet, made people more likely to openly claim a UFO sighting, than in the past? That is, are the number of sightings today the same as the past, and only recent technological developments have made them more visible?

    Friedman advocates for the US government to reveal what it knows about UFOs, because he feels the US hides a lot of information. But, in an interview he said the gov’t should reveal what it knows within limits. Just what are those limits? What is it about UFOs people should not know, if our government should suddenly decide to come clean?

    And, what does he think about the whole 2012 scenario?

    Friedman is nuclear physicist and has studied, worked on and researched nuclear powered … whatever. Isn’t nuclear power only a stage in the evolution of our possible energy sources? What does he feel are the sources of energy used by UFOs?

    I can’t think of the French UFOlogist (Vallee?), he says a lot or some UFO sightings are of human creation, of the ability of the human mind to create and project images. In some cases of flaps or waves of sightings, they appear like hysteria epidemics. Aren’t some UFO sightings an ability of a sort thought projection?

    What does he think of the work of John Mack, Harvard psychiatrist who claimed millions of US citizens have been abducted?

    Maybe, I’ll think of other questions, later.

  3. J

    I can tell you strange things are happening a lot in Texas. I haven’t seen any UFO’s however, there does seem to be a rise in drone activity.

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