UFO: Green, lighted ball with a tail that flew low

By | August 23, 2006

UFO Green lighted ball with a tail that flew lowI subscribe to a service that sends me all the day’s UFO reports from around the world. The ones that really stand out or that have good pictures, I post on this blog. Here is a report of a UFO that caught my attention because I saw TWO just like this, one about a minute after the other. This was here in California a few years ago. The green tails were “swirving” on the two I saw when I was out in the woods.

“Calls streamed in to local police stations during the night after an unidentified flying object darted over the night skies in northern Norway. A top astronomer, though, thinks it was another meteorite. … “It was colored white, green and gold, and lights seemed to blow off it like it was a sparkler,” said one observer, Andre Gr?nmo. “It looked like it was a comet, and it was around four- to five times larger than a plane, and it flew much faster.”

Slettli said others described a “green, lighted ball with a tail” that flew low. He said neither the Defense Department’s radar station or its rocket facility at And?ya, nor the tower at Evenes airport, which serves Harstad and Narvik, had picked up the object.” – aftenposten

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