UFO Examiner: UFO witnesses report from six states

By | February 20, 2009

UFO Examiner: UFO witnesses report from six states

Sketch from Ohio Feb. 17 sighting. MUFON image.

Witnesses from six states are reporting UFOs shaped as diamonds, rods, discs and triangles – and a new witness to the Dec. 9, 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO crash comes forward for the first time. Witness reports follow from around the country.

OHIO – Feb. 17, 2009 – A woman spotted a diamond-shaped UFO for the second time flying slowly over a nearby school. The airborn vehicle was apparently controlled – able to remain stationary, and then move slowly – and altered its lighting as it accelerated, and sported a series of red, green and white blinking lights.

The following is an unedited account from the Mutual UFO Network database. The illustration on this page, cropped, was submitted by the witness.

Saw this thing AGAIN tonight over top the same school again but on the other end!.it did the same thing,it appeared out of no where this time about 9:15pm and looked star-like but got really bright and was stationary for about 10 minutes.It slowly moved West,and i mean SLOWLY,and made its way past the front of my building.I looked at it through binoculars most of the time and it changed colors from half of it green and other half red when it was stationary.When it moved,it began to blink andthe lights on opposite ends would blink.1 red,1 green 2 white on the middle of each side would not blink-also yellow like.the craft looked rectangular or diamond like in shape,very drak in color.Very unusual craft.It obviously has good control over what it wants to appear to look like.My husband saw this also-he couldn’t figure it out but he didn’t see it with binoculars either-‘cos i was so fixiated i wouldn’t share. …

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