UFO Examiner: UFO video hoaxed as proof that faking is easy

By | April 6, 2009

UFO Examiner: UFO video hoaxed as proof that faking is easy

As American ufologists deal with seemingly heightened numbers of anomalous reports nationwide amid rapid communications advances and flourishing social networking web sites – the hoaxers are out in larger numbers as well.

One delicate piece of the picture is the often polite stand that UFO hunters take – being good listeners – as they try to sort out the difference between Mother Nature, something manmade, and what might be anomalous.

Case in point is the recent posting at YouTube of a video purported to be a video phone capture of the O’Hare Airport sighting from Nov. 7, 2006. What you read in columns like mine about these kinds of events is straight reporting – it’s an event – of a video gaining more than a quarter-milion viewer hits. But in the background, behind what you’re reading, myself and those ufoloigsts I contact for an opinion, are shaking our heads and saying, “No, not again.”

So being kind and being a good listener allows some of the hoaxing to get through.

British citizen Anthony Wharton finally fessed up this morning, announcing in an email to me that his social experiment set out to prove ufologists and the media will let anything through the system.

Image: Anthony Wharton, St Helens, Merseyside, United Kingdom, 2009.

Today by email, Wharton writes,

“I haven’t got much time so I will have to be brief, 2 weeks ago several clips anonymously appeared on you tube claiming to be photographic evidence from the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Incident. They have caused quiet a UFO media frenzy over the last 2 weeks and one clip received a quarter of a million hits, and even made Fox News in America(shocking). I can now reveal that I faked all of these clips for no other reason than to prove that photographic evidence is not acceptable proof of UFO’S and that some people, including ” UFO experts” only see what they want to see. To read more you can read the details at the side of the clip. To see how I created these clips, go to my channel and you will see the clip titled “The Chicago O’Hare UFO Experiment”, click this link


“To see the 3 original clips go to


“I have sent you an article with this email, please consider it for publication. I hope that you can see the serious side to my research, unlike many other people who just label me a “skeptic”

Take great care, Best, Tony.”

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