UFO Examiner: UFO Report – Feb. 2-8, 2009

By | February 9, 2009

More than 60 new cases were entered into the Mutual UFO Network reporting database between Feb. 2-8, 2009. Some of the more interesting cases include – Under Bright Lights – a TX sighting on Feb. 5 in various formations where fighter jets seemed to be intercepting; a PA report on Feb. 5 with five objects flying in formation along 95 north near Philadelphia; two reports from NJ involving three red lights – one report includes photos; and two reports in TX from Feb. 7 where witnesses claim an object dropped a ”marble” like object on them. One of these witnesses says he still has the object. Under Rectangular-shaped, a Feb. 5 sighting in SD marks four sightings by this witness in just two and-a-half weeks. Two helicopters seemed to be investigating this one. Under Oval-shaped, an interesting Texas sighting on Feb. 5 invoving a craft over Houston. Under Trinangular-shaped, multiple witnesses in KY see a low flying UFO that shut off power in vehicles and lights along the roadway.

Feb. 2, 2009 – Oshkosh, Wisconsin: … I was on my way to work, traveling north on Robertson Rd. had just crossed the Poison Spider intersection When I saw what I thought at first was a falling star.I looked again and noticed it was going extremely fast as was flashing like a strobe light,I watched travel west over the road we were traveleing on then it suddenly took a hairpin turn back towards the east. It went east for probally a couple of miles,then headed north-west right in front of us,we were coming up on the Zero Rd. intersection where it started to descend right behind The large oil storage tankers that sit directly north of Zero Rd.as it decsended a dull red light appeared on what would be the bottom of the craft and it dissapeared behind the tanks.I believe it landed there. I was pretty skeptical before today, but after seeing what I saw, I believe!

Tennessee Feb. 2, 2009 – Strange object or cloud in the sky.

My wife and I were traveling south from Gallatin, Tn. on Hwy 109; we noticed a strange cloud or object to the southeast. We thought it was a break in the clouds because it was overcast. What was so unusual was that the phenomenon was shaped like an eye and the upper edge was a rainbow color.

It was pale blue in the center, but you could not see any clouds moveing behind it. Also, there were never any heavy clouds moving in front
either. The only clouds that moved in front of this phenomenon were perpendicular and very thin. It seemed that the pencil thin clouds were pulled form the overcast sky and moved over the eye area and than dispersed. We watched this happen approximately seven times. We were hoping that by contacting MUFON your organization might help us understand what we saw.

Just a note; as we were traveling on HWY 109, there was a car pulled over and a genterman was taking pictures. We took four pictures using our Verizon camera phone. I’m sending three with this report and the light at the top of the picture is glare from the windshield. Thanks for any

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