UFO Examiner: Minnesota UFO case investigation

By | May 18, 2009

UFO Examiner Minnesota UFO case investigation

MUFON Case # 16341

WITNESS: Driving home [on County Road 46, hereafter called Hwy 46] from a friend’s house [in Hastings] around 9:45 pm, I saw a light that I thought was on a smoke stack.

MCNEFF: There are four smokestacks from the ruins of an old factory just to the north of Hwy 46.

WITNESS: As I got closer, I realized it was above a field, not on a stack. It was really bright! I pulled over on a dirt road to the right [Akron Ave.] and got out of my car to look it at. I then noticed it was about 500 to 1000 feet away and 200 feet off the ground, perfectly silent and rock solid in the sky with no movement at all. It consisted of a bright light with two little blinking lights to either side of it.

MCNEFF: At this point, he was looking west. He later estimated the randomly blinking lights to be about 10 feet apart.

WITNESS: At first I thought it must be a plane landing, but it just sat [hovered] there in the middle of the field for approximately 4 minutes. I then thought I would try and take a picture of it with my phone. As I was reaching for my phone, I got really freaked out thinking I was all alone on this dark road.”

MCNEFF: He had an overwhelming feeling that he should get out of there, he said. “This is very unusual for me. I can barely remember getting back in my car, but I was shaking and scared, again unusual.” He made a quick U-turn (throwing gravel in the process), drove the 350 feet or so back to Hwy 46 and started west. The southern border of the field along Hwy 46 is a few feet lower than the field and is mostly covered with a thick growth of trees. About 400 feet west of the intersection with Akron Ave. there is a 100 ft. gap in the trees. As the witness drove west, he could see the object to the north thru this gap, and could see some kind of shape to it, which he later sketched. At this point the witness was distracted by the object to the extent that he almost drove off the road, but was able to pull back on the pavement, and proceeded on home.

After meeting the MUFON Field Investigator at the location of the sighting, he realized that the object had been 500 feet or less away, because it had to line up with the gap in the trees along Hwy 46.

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