UFO Examiner: Military jets chase UFO over AZ town

By | March 23, 2009

UFO Examiner: Military jets chase UFO over AZ town

Boomerang or triangle craft, 300+ feet across spotted multiple times at apprx. 10,000+ ft. by multiple witnesses Wednesday night over Lake Havasu City/Needles, CA video taken.

First sighting

1st sighing – Wednesday night, March 18th apprx 7pm 2009 my family and I were enjoying a bbq/fish fry in my father-in-law’s backyard. I noticed the fighter jet engine noise and looked to the sky. The first thing I noticed was 4 fighters with standard strobes flying in combat formation Lead plane forward, wingman to the right and slightly behind

There were two sets of two fighters trailing an enormous craft clustered of dozens of amber lights/orbs. They were all traveling North to South at a consisant pace at first sight, then changed direction at about 280 degrees South to head North-West.

Traveling North-West, the craft and jets flew directly over our heads.

10 people were in the group, 7 people witnessed the event including myself. As the craft came dead straight above our heads, we could see clearly that it was a huge vehicle. At that time, it appeared to have a main body of amber lights and a “hull” and one wing outstretched to about 300+feet.

What was odd, was that we could all make out the triagle/boomerage shape because of the stars being blocked out as it passed them and by the small, very faint reddish glow or light at the tip of the “wing”. The fighters jets kept pace and followed, maintaining the same distance througout. …

Third sighting

3rd sighting – This time, with my binos, I saw the object perfectly.

As I write this, my adrenalin surges a little and I get chills. at 10,000+ feet, this dark craft barely fit into view through the eye peices. I have 30 power binoculars to give some perspective. It definately blocked out the background stars and was boomerang shaped.

Its amber lights at the center of the body were the strangest part. I could not tell if they were on the outide of the craft or if that part of the craft was transparent. They seemed to be clustered in an oval shape but some were slightly larger than others indicating that I could see the closest ones and the furthest ones simultaneously.

I could confirm that the wing tips had very miniscule lights on each end as well. This thrid pass, the fighters were trailing behind again. I got a sense of scale by that fact and was in awe. I handed the binos to my wife and she got a great look at it too. She has never seen anything like that and was speachless.

The craft and fighters left our sight again and I took the time to run in the house and dig out the video camera. We sat outside for about 30 minutes and I saw the craft circling for a fourth pass.

Fourth sighting

4th sighting – I was able to get it on film! I am not sure about the quality, I have not had time to review it on a large TV yet but will this afternoon. Of course lights in a dark sky could be anything but I am truly hoping the camera is sharp enough to show the darkened area of the craft when compared to the stars. that was one of the most impressive things I have ever witnessed!

Editor’s note

The map [ABOVE]  shows the proximity of Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base and Lake Havasu City, AZ. Mapquest image.

10 thoughts on “UFO Examiner: Military jets chase UFO over AZ town

  1. ehswan

    Years ago I read a book whose title and authors name I have forgotten. He had done extensive research and had concluded that a large reproductive project was under way. Creating beings that were part us and part them, (the greys). By the 4th or 5th generation these beings were nearly indistinguishable from us, but had the greys abillities. The author considered them a grave threat, writing that some of us would be retained as an emergency back up gene pool but, most of us would be eliminated. Here’s the kicker. He wrote that the grays agenda had 3 phases, 1-gradual, 2-accellerated, 3-SUDDEN! The book was published in the 90’s at which time he wrote that we were near the end of the accellerated phase and would enter the sudden phase within 5 to 20 years. Since then I’ve been looking for an increase in ufo related activity. Could that be happening now?

  2. Xeno Post author

    Keep an eye on the http://www.forteantimes.com web site, this one and a few others that would announce the real alien invasion even if there was a cover up. Hmmm. 8:34 PM PST, ForteanTimes is currently down… that rarely happens… wonder what’s up…

  3. ehswan

    Re, Xeno. “invasion” is a human concept. As humans our concepts are limited by our experiences and abillity to comprehend them. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to rap our minds around Phenomina that lie completly beyond our comprehension. Has it occured to you that we may not have the abillity to understand the “greys”? Can a dog be tought to understand calculous? Do you imagine that there can be no greater intelligence than we manifest? The “sudden” phase of the “Greys” agenda Will not be tellevised. Nor will it be reported on the net. Circulating on the net is the number 500,000,000 people as the optimum number of human beings for this planet. Humm? Not a bad “emergency gene pool” eh! My point. There will be no invasion as we know them. More likley, economic, enviornmental and societal collapse, and some strange ones amongst us

  4. Xeno Post author

    I agree with your comment on invasion.

    A dog may not understand calculus, but his brain still “does the math” which allows him to fetch a bouncing ball in an obstacle filled environment.

    If there are indeed physical aliens on Earth, like those freaky stick creatures captured on video, for example, perhaps we are preforming a service for them.

    Or perhaps they find us irrelevant and uninteresting given their plan to take the Earth though a wormhole to another galaxy next Wednesday.

  5. ehswan

    Xeno, I know not what to make of your “wormhole” other than to suspect that you may be one of them! And are fanning the flames of my allready insane paranoia. Now I’ll have to dig a subBasement in my mothers house. WEDNESDAY! AHHHH…………DAMN YOU!

  6. ehswan

    So apparently I can still ad to this comment stream. Dear Xeno, whoever the hell you are, you are incomprehensibly (I’m trying to cover myself)right about the dogs ability to catch the object in a obstacle strewn field. I know not what to make of that other than to admit that I have no clue as to what consciousness is all about. Do you?

  7. Xeno Post author

    Yes, I can answer that. As simply as I can:

    Consciousness is what it is like to have a mental model of yourself.

    PS. Luckily, “next Wednesday” is something that is always in the future. We are Surfers of the Now.
    PPS. Your subBasement has all of the mouths on my alien feet laughing out loud.

  8. ehswan

    My ever so apparently strang “ZENO”, asuming that you are not some figment of a self aware INTERNET messing with me. I have this to transmit to you about your comment about “THE NATURE OF CONCIOUSNESS”. You might recall that stoicism DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH a long time ago, acording to my mom, the 5th century BC! So your horrible foot mouths can not get to me now in my new sub-sub basement in my mothers house! But then there is a problem with your all so (I must write) glib explaination of conscious. Now I seemingly get serious. Hah, forget it. As regards to what we designate CONSCIOUSNESS etc…. though I must. Years ago, yes I am old, I saw a video in which a dog went to a place by the front door when it sensed that the alpha male, THE MAN OF THE HOUSE was coming home. It was a triple blind study so there was no chance that the dog was cued. Question, Stoic, Where did the counsciousness of the dog and the counsciosness of the man meet? Answer me that and I’ll give you a gold star.


  9. ehswan

    ZENO, I know that I must be getting some what annoying, but did you registar in the headline of this article that JETS WERE CHASING this unknown craft? Chaseing? They were, according to witnesses, following at respectful distance this “strange craft”. Neither gaining, nor loosing distance (fairly close) between them. Like obedient little puppies following their Mom. Hmm.

  10. Xeno Post author

    Zeno is a Greek philosopher. I’m Xeno, a freak gladsomer. No “Z” in Xeno, although, it is pronounced the same

    Drop me a link if I’m wrong, but I believe that study you cite was never peer reviewed or published. I don’t think it was done by a university, but was done by Sheldrake who had a book titled, “Seven Experiments That Could Change the World, Sheldrake (1994). Watch the second video and notice that what seems to be a person in a hat that shows up in the bottom when it is time for the dog to move to the waiting position. Very fishy. Also, an attempt to duplicate this experiment failed.

    Even today there are some wrong beliefs in science due to bad experimental design. Read about Clever Hans if you don’t already know that cautionary science story.

    Getting back to the article, yes, some US Air Force pilots somewhere know if the big thing they followed was one of ours or not. I wonder if that F-22 that crashed and killed the pilot recently was involved in chasing a mother ship.

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