UFO Discovered on Google Sky (Video)

By | April 3, 2012

UFO Discovered on Google Sky (Video)

A gigantic UFO was discovered by a Google Sky user poring over the constellation Sirius which looks man-made. There is no spacecraft in that region of deep space. So what is it?

The unidentified flying object looks like a satellite with massive solar panels powering its flight. But its size in relation to the surrounding star field is larger than any satellite ever launched.

The object seems transparent with stars visible in front and behind it. If the object was added as an image overlay, who put it there? Is Google aware that the program may have been hacked?

Searching the sky in the constellation of Sirius, the Dog Star, reveals the UFO and another strange object floating nearby. It seems to be metallic and is shaped aerodynamically.

This is probably not an object made by extraterrestrials, so that’s not the issue raised by the video. The question is, has NASA launched a secret spacecraft, for whatever publicly unknown purpose? What is it being used for? …

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  1. kevin


    it’s not the exact telescope used I’m sure but I’m hoping this sheds some light. I seriously think it’s just the reflection of the telescope “lens”. It happens in the right circumstances. This guy at ATS describes it:

    “It is, indeed a telescope artifact. In a normal camera it’s called lense flare. Most professional telescopes don’t have lenses, but they can still pick up a stray reflection if something bright is shining into the tube from off axis.

    In this case, if you zoom-out you’ll find that Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) is nearby at about the 7-o’clock position:

    This lines-up perfectly with the short-axis of the artifact, and is thus most likely its cause.”

    1. kevin

      ..and yes I realize that’s a cg render of the telescope:) Just thought it was a good example of their construction

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