UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

By | March 17, 2012

UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

Seems like a small insect close to the camera. What do you think? Supposedly this is one of seven videos that captured the same UFO from different angles. I guess I’d have to see the other videos.

CEFAA officials collected seven videos of the El Bosque UFO taken from different vantage points. Bermúdez commissioned scientists from many disciplines, aeronautical experts, and air force and army photogrametric technicians to subject the videos to intense scrutiny. They all came to the same conclusions.

Each video included three different, mainly horizontal loops flown by the UFO within seconds of each other. The object made elliptical passes either near or around each of three sets of performing jets. It flew past the Halcones, F5s and F16s at speeds so fast it was not noticed by the pilots or anyone on the ground below.


More on msnbc’sCosmicLog: cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com

5 thoughts on “UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

  1. llullaillacool

    (1) check the other videos
    (2) state neglible likelihood for all getting an insect close to camera
    (3) determine the angles of the different camera positions
    (4) from those angles determine the initial position vector (choosing any camera position) as the origin
    (5) get the speed position vector changes
    (6) if that is close to 7000 mph check nasa x 43
    (7) find that it’s quite dangerous and unhealthy (for the pilot) to fly at that speed that close to Earth’s surface performing 180 degree manoveurs etc.
    (8) find that a solid object at that speed would generate a lot of heat that could be measured in the infrared …get an infrared record.
    (9) further ask how fast an object has to be to be left unvisible for human eyes.

    when done that …please post that. thanks

  2. luca lotto

    Thanks for that, Xeno.
    Obviously you did a lot of research into that.
    I hopefully will have some deeper look into it the next days and probably put in my two cents to it.

  3. llullaillacool

    yep… I got a bit distracted the last months or so by listening to c2c (almost constantly ..wtf???), my SSB stuff and my regular physics stuff…hopefully I can now go on to get my own very first in detail investigation of an ufo case. Bum.

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