UFO by the moon

By | August 21, 2008

UFO by the moon

2 thoughts on “UFO by the moon

  1. D'Ark

    Hmm… Strange. I don’t think it was a star or planet or anything, but it’s best not to dismiss those as possibilities. I wonder what the astronomer their camp director called said it was.

  2. dogsounds

    Hmm. Interesting. My first thought was a cliche lantern of some sort – the way it fades out and it’s orange glow seems to fit that. Of course, lanterns don’t tend to stay static in the sky much. It’s a pity that the filmer says that it had dissapeared once before and then re-appeared but didn’t catch that on film – that would have removed a lantern as the possible culprit straight away. Guess we’ll never know 🙂

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