U.S. military planned to create seizure-inducing gun… inspired by Pokemon

By | October 1, 2012

The United States Military developed a top secret weapon inspired by a Japanese children’s cartoon.

In a 1997 episode of the show, a rapid succession of blue and red flashes caused 700 viewers to experience epileptic symptoms, specifically seizures and vomiting.

The military got wind of the incident and was inspired to harness the power of Pokemon.

According to a declassified document from the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center, the seizure-inducing gun was meant to be part of a new class of nonlethal weaponry.

The Pokemon-powered gun would apply ‘electromagnetic pulses’ to cause a ‘disruption of voluntary muscle control.’

‘It is thought by using a method that would actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100 per cent of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction,’ the report said, according to WIRED which obtained it.

The military hoped that the weapon could be used at distances ‘hundreds of meters’ away.

The induced seizures, the report estimated, would last between one and five minutes.

However, the military conceded that such a weapon had never really been tested – save for an episode of a certain cartoon.

‘The photic-induced seizure phenomenon was borne out demonstrably on December 16, 1997 on Japanese television when hundreds of viewers of a popular cartoon were treated, inadvertently, to photic seizure

induction,’ the report said.

In the episode, the character Pikachu emits a lightning bolt against an enemy, causing the screen to flash blue and red in rapid succession.

The gun never made it past the theoretical phase, the report maligns, due to all the bad press the Pokemon episode received. …

via U.S. military planned to create seizure-inducing gun… inspired by Pokemon | Mail Online.

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