U.S. military mission in Iraq to get a new name: Operation New Dawn

By | February 20, 2010

See full size imageThe U.S. military mission in Iraq will soon be getting a new name.

As of Sept. 1, Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes Operation New Dawn.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in a memo Wednesday that the name change – which is to immediately follow the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq – will send a strong signal that American forces have a new mission. He also said it reinforces the U.S. commitment to honor its security agreement with Iraq and recognizes “our evolving relationship” with the government there.

ABC News first reported on the memo Thursday evening.

via Tulsa World: AP Stories.

Not sure how this slipped by Pentagon security, but I’ve found the “core rule set for operation new dawn (pdf)”. Velocity reducers will not be allowed, but overall there is a great emphasis on safety and sportsmanship.   With rules like these, war will be much better. The most important rule is now to have fun.  😉

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