Two-headed calf born in Estonia

By | January 5, 2010

[Two-headed+calf.jpg]A two-headed calf has been born at a farm in the eastern Estonian city of Tartu, the EER news portal has said.

The animal has three eyes, two mouths and two noses.

The calf was not named, as there is little chance that it will survive.

In the past, the birth of a two-headed calf was seen by Estonians as a war omen. The farm’s owner says, however, that the birth of the animal was a good sign, meaning that the economic crisis would soon be over.

Multi-headed creatures are born from time to time in various parts of the world. The condition, which is quite rare, is known as polycephaly. It occurs as a result of a process, similar to that of conjoined twins – a parasitic twin joins the skull of a fully developed embryo.

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