Two Fishermen Claim to Videotape Monster in Lake Champlain

By | March 2, 2006

An authentic video of … nothing?

“Residents near Lake Champlain in New York say they have their own Loch Ness monster. They call champit Champ, and it’s a local legend. It is the inspiration for parade floats, T-shirts, key chains, minor-league baseball team mascots, and wild stories.

ABC News obtained exclusive video of something just under the surface of the lake that some say may be Champ.

The video was taken by two fishermen with their digital camera last summer. Before their supposed sighting, they were Champ skeptics.

… As for the latest sighting, two retired FBI analysts reviewed the tape and said that it appeared authentic. “I can’t find anything in there that would suggest or indicate to me that this has been fabricated or manipulated in any way,” said Gerald Richards, a forensic image analyst.

“However, there’s no place in there that I can see actually see, an animal or any other object on the surface.” – abcnews

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