Gas Pump TV: Reading Your Mind?

By | March 15, 2008

Tv at pump

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Some new TVs at the gas pumps have a strange button like device on them, but it isn’t a button. I think it is a sensor of some kind. Perhaps a camera. Perhaps this is a new program to capture video of everyone for use in that national face id database we heard about. With video these days they can almost read your mind. Computers can watch your face and read your emotional reaction to the content they show on the screen. That’s what I think is going on. They have your credit card so they have ID’d you, and then they show you clips and watch your reaction. In this way, they build a database profile of your beliefs. It could also be one of those new cameras that can see through your clothes. The oil companies have so much money to do this stuff. I don’t want to watch TV, I want cheaper gas!

The photo above is a close up of what to look for on the new mind reading pumps by Westinghouse. The sensor is right below the screen.

According to grumman, as far back as 1966 Westinghouse designed and developed a miniaturized black-and-white camera that capturesd images from the Lunar Module. Westinghouse has multi-million dollar US defense contracts.
Here is the official info on these Gas Pump TVs. Read between the lines.

pumptoptv.jpgWestinghouse Digital,
one of the top five LCD manufacturers in the U.S., announced today that the
company has completed deployment of Westinghouse gas pump TV systems in
four major demographic areas on the West Coast, reaching over 8 million
viewers per month. The company has installed 3,500 specially-designed LCD
screens as part of AdtekMedia’s PumpTop TV network in major brand gas
stations in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. The
installations are part of the company’s previously announced commitment to
build systems throughout the U.S., including networks in Phoenix, Dallas,
Houston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston in 2008.

“With the addition of San Francisco and Sacramento markets to the
initial launch of operations in Los Angeles and San Diego, PumpTop TV is
now accessible by 10% of the U.S. population,” said Doug Woo, President of
Westinghouse Digital. “Actual viewership levels now exceed 8 million people
per month. Over the next twelve months, we expect to deploy 20,000 screens
and expand our viewership to close to 40 million as our national roll out
proceeds according to plan.”

The PumpTop TV network features daily news, weather, sports and
entertainment programming and real-time traffic data from multiple media
partners, including ABC News. ABC produces a daily line of news features
for PumpTop TV through its “ABC News NOW” property, a 24-hour digital cable network available to out-of-home digital media. The PumpTop TV programming “wheel” is supported through advertising.

The PumpTop TV network is part of Westinghouse Digital’s larger,
longer-term commitment to combine purposed content with unique hardware
designed to reach viewers in specific situations. “Westinghouse Digital is
working with content providers to take the lead in expanding — and even
breaking — the traditional boundaries of hardware, with the intent to
create new and compelling viewer experiences,” said Woo. – prnewswire Westinghouse Digital looks to be giving the fledgling PumpTop TV
network a big shot in the arm, joining with PumpTop purveyor AdtekMedia
to significantly speed up the roll-out of the network to gas stations
across the United States. All told, Westinghouse plans to bring the
service to some 75,000 gas station pumps, which it says would make it
one of the largest out-of-home digital media networks in the U.S. – engadget

I should probably just call AdTekMedia and see if they know what that button is for. Then again, only Westinghouse may know.

Out-of-Home Digital Media Networks
18 Morgan, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949.680.4200
Fax: 949.680.4213

Toll-Free: 888.828.8313
Tech Support: 800.741.1502

4 thoughts on “Gas Pump TV: Reading Your Mind?

  1. Roy Reeves

    FYI – The “button like device” on our PumpTop TV units are NOT a camera, but a motion/heat detector. When an auto or person is within about 4 feet of the sensor, the audio of PumpTop TV’s programming is activated. Feel free to contact me should you have additional questions about PumpTop TV.

    1. Morten Reffhaug


      Do you know were I can get information about the possibility of selling this system in Norway? We have customer that require approx. 8000 of these units right now. We are looking for solutions that will fit the Scandinavian market.


  2. Xeno Post author

    Thanks Roy,
    If you are who you say, it is interesting to learn that I was right about it being a sensor. Some heat detectors are very advanced… May I read the technical specifications/patent of your PumpTop TV unit sensors, or is that classified information? Do you maintain a database of data captured by these devices?

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