Triangle UFO chases car in Texas at 120 mpg, emits column of light, becomes sphere

By | February 23, 2010

Two Texas witnesses driving west on Highway 73 near Winnie on February 16, claim they observed and then were followed by a triangle-shaped UFO that was 100 feet off of the ground, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The witness report includes a detailed account of how they attempted to out run the UFO at speeds of 120 mph, a column of light coming from the object, and then the object turning into a sphere.

The object moved away when two oncoming vehicles approached.

Winnie is in Chambers County, Texas, population 2,914 ….

TX, February 16, 2010 – Eerily silent, Heightened Visual alertness,Feeling of being completely vulnarable. MUFON Case # 21927.

My friend and I were in route from Port Arthur to Houston, traveling west bound on Highway 73, we had just passed the landfill(between Winnie Tx.)The time was about 11:45Pm. We were visiting my aunt, in ICU in Port Arthur.

I had just activated(the Google Navigator) on my 3G phone. I was thinking to myself how cool!, we are tracking in virtual time on a satalite map…”this must be the way we appear from an arial view.”

At that same instant my friend who was driving,in a calm collective manner says “See I told you that there are UFO’s around here!” I looked up, my eyes immeadiately fixated, to the top left corner of the windshield.

And….Sure enough!!! There IT was!!!! traveling east bound, about 200 ft above the hwy. It appeared to be pulsating a irradescent/flouresent bright rainbow color, however all of the colors displayed at the same time…….. There were three Rumboid shaped pulsating objects they seemed to be seperate, but yet as one unit?!?!? silently/fluidly traveling east bound,paralell to hwy 73 … I asked my friend”DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!???? four times, I also rolled all of the car windows down and I opened the sun roof.

This was to reassure myself that we were’nt just seeing a reflection off of the car’s glass and the fact that my friend confirmed four times that we were both seeing the same phenomina. As I opened the sun roof,never taking my eyes off of the object, I popped my head up through the sun roof,and said WOW!!!! that’s no reflection!!! That’s a Bonified UFO! That very instant, the object made an immeadiate U-turn!!!!!!!!!

And now it was following us down hwy73!!! I never once left visual contact with the object. I jumped down into my seat and shouted”THEY ARE COMING!!!!THEY ARE FOLLOWING US!! keep in mind that this is a dark and desolate hwy at this time of the night.

I kept my eye on it, while my friend was franticly speeding up to get away! I could see the same colors pulsating 100FT above the pavement behind us!!,but it seemed very different than what colors you or I are use to???!!!

I was almost hypnotysed by this strange sight… I could see the triangle shaped pulsating Rumboids getting larger, and closer, leaving and getting smaller, and yet not moving at all?!!?!?!? well my friend, as strange as it may sound, all of this was taking place simutaneousley, My eyes and brain were not quiet sure how to process all of this together

We became panicked and sped up to approx. 120mph. Again this thing never changed perspective, of course we were speeding, but the object stayed behind us, but not ever moving?!!??!!?

My friend says to me”STOP STARING AT IT”!!

The object got almost to the back of my car, then I noticed a yellow/amberish colored column of light slowly coming down to the ground from the object… then the column of light became very very bright, nontransparent, and became almost like an orange fire ball. I could see the grass and the dirt flying about ,under this fireball!! I started screaming””””THEY ARE GOING TO BLOW US UP!!!!!!!””””” that instanst, the object started to wobble?

And the air all around it seemed to ripple as if it were H20?!?!?! Then the object became one with the column of orange/yellow light, it reminded me of how Mercury looks on a hard surface. And all in the same split second, the object then became a bright large sphere, with the same pulsating colorfull pattern… I was shell shocked!!!! Did i just see that take place in this demension/this planet/this Whatever!!!!! By this time I could feel a presence in my persona,,,,not anything unusual,,,no strange voices, but almost like my subconcious was suddenly in charge?!!?!I never once felt threatened in that sense, but I was subtlely able to become aware of this new/unfamilair feeling in my head?!?!

Sounds lunicital ,I know!!!! but like I said, there is no vocabulary that we have as a species that could come close to propperly describing these events,senses,feelings,”phenominas”

We continued for for few minutes, then I noticed two cars traveling east bound were coming,after what seemed like an eternity!! I was wide eyed of course waiting to see if those cars would notice what was following us. Sure enough…….they all slammed on thier brakes and pulled to the side of the road!!! at that time the object behind us, backed down and in a split second, the sphere divided into two and disapered!!!!!!

I feel like someone else out there had to have seen something. if so please share. ..

via Texas witnesses report UFO chase along Highway 73 near Winnie.

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