Triangle-shaped UFO turns on cloaking device, shape shifts into helicopter?

By | August 18, 2009

Triangle-shaped UFO turns on cloaking device, shape shifts into helicopter?

A McAllen, Texas, witness saw a “strange aircraft” hovering in the sky, decided to follow it, and had three sightings of a triangle-shaped object that also seemed to change shape, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

At the first encounter, the witness says the object “had a blinding light pointed at my car that resembled the spotlight from a helicopter.”

He decided to follow the object.

He drove until he saw that it stopped and was hovering. At this point, he noticed that it “seemed to be in a triangular shape with lights on the edges and bright lights on the 3 corners. The lights blinked in an odd sequence and in multiple colors.”

When the object moved again, he followed, until it began to hover again. At this point he noticed “the aircraft changed to camouflage perfectly in the sky; it seemed as though I was looking at a star. ”

The craft then turned its lights back on and moved away again at tremendous speed into Mexican air space. But 20 minutes later, the witness saw another light hovering next to a radio tower that appeared at first to be a helicopter. On closer inspectcion, the witness said it was the same shape as the first object. Then driving away, the witness noticed a “third craft hovering next to another radio tower just a few miles east of the second sighting. This craft resembled the previous 2 in light patterns and flight.”

via Texas witness follows triangle-shaped UFOs.

Next time you see what seems to be an ordinary airplane, jet or helicopter… ask yourself… is it really a camouflaged UFO?

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