Trial: When did Rolince really know about Moussaoui?

By | March 21, 2006

Trial When did Rolince really know about MoussaouiGiven the recent trial testimony by FBI supervisor Rolince that he did not know of Moussaoui, this quote is interesting:

Nov. 15, 2001, 11:00 a.m. ET – “At a security conference in Germany on Wednesday, FBI official Michael Rolince said that “as an investigator I’m convinced there were supposed to be five people on this plane.

… Whoever that fifth person was is probably still alive. “Clearly we are looking into the pool of people who crossed paths with the hijackers” to find the 20th hijacker, said Rolince, FBI section leader for .” – COURTV

We are told there were five hijackers on each of the planes but one, yet the story of the hijackers is full of holes: some were US military(?!), some still alive after 9/11, none on the airline passenger lists, and the FBI admitted that they used fake IDs. Rolince seems to be angry and squriming. The court had an outburst of laughter regarding his assertion that his signature on something did not mean he approved it or was aware of it.

“The headquarters supervisor of the FBI ?s international terrorism operations section testified Tuesday he had never read an Aug. 18, 2001, memo in which an agent proposed a full criminal investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui as a possible terrorist airplane hijacker.”

MacMahon then introduced an April 13, 2001, FBI electronic communication drawn from the April 2001 intelligence briefing paper. It advised all FBI field offices on countering bin Laden?s threats in this country … Rolince said he hadn?t approved the communication, but MacMahon said the paper said he did. (Judge) Brinkema broke in: “Is it possible for a document to say you approved it if you have not approved it?” “Absolutely,” Rolince replied, provoking an outburst of laughter around the normally quiet courtroom. He explained he might have been out of the country and a subordinate signed on his behalf.” – LOCALNEWS

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