Trial: Hint that insider Frasca knew 9/11 was coming?

By | March 21, 2006

Trial Hint that insider Frasca knew 911 was comingInsiders at the highest levels want people connected with 9/11 killed or kept in prison forever. Public trials shine a light on something dark and venomous still lurking in the shadows.

Michael Rollince [ Rolince ], who was the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s chief of international terrorism section until his retirement, testified that he had little knowledge of Mr. Moussaoui before the attacks. …When Edward B. MacMahon Jr., Mr. Moussaoui’s chief court-appointed lawyer, asked Mr. Rollince if he knew that when Mr. Moussaoui was arrested he was under suspicion of planning an airliner hijacking, Mr. Rollince replied, “No.” Then, after a moment he asked sharply, “Can I ask what document that’s coming from?” Mr. MacMahon offered a quick reply: “That’s Mr. Samit’s communication to your office,” he said. “Aug. 18, 2001.”

“… Mr. Rollince (FBI) also testified that he had two “hallway” conversations, lasting a total of about 20 seconds, with one of the supervisors at headquarters who Mr. Samit had identified as blocking his efforts. He said the supervisor, David Frasca, briefed him on an alternate plan to have Mr. Moussaoui’s belongings searched by extraditing him to France and having French authorities do the search. That plan, Mr. Samit had testified, was to go into effect on Sept. 11, 2001.” – NYTimes

There aren’t any pics of Frasca. I haven’t decided completely yet, but Freeh seems like a good egg to me: Here is “Former Director of the FBI Louis J. Freeh” who accused the 9/11 Commission of a cover up.

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