Transparent Humanoid in Veracruz,Mexico?

By | June 10, 2008

This report about Transparent Humanoid comes from a TV program called “grandes misterios del milenio” from Mexico, aired on Sundays in a station that belongs to Televisa.

This show directed and hosted by Jaime Maussan.

The guy who shot the footage and others who were there are saying the thing attacked them.

This event took place on March 10, 2007 in a small town named Ixhuatlan del Cafe in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.
Octavio Melo is a young coffee plantation worker who was driving his Jeep at 11:30AM through theplantation’s road when he saw something strange ahead and stopped the car.
It was a ghostly figure moving slowly at certain distance but he knew it was not a human being. Octavio took his cellular phone and through the windshield he took three photographs and also two video clips.According to Octavio the strange being crossed the road not walking but like floating and looked somehow transparent. Octavio was very scared and did’nt move and just continued recording on his cellular.

After the being dissapeared Octavio remained on his car for some minutes thinking about what he just watched.

Then he walked to the place but found nothing.

The cellular phone shows what Octavio Melo saw.

The reporter starts by asking the other guy what he has to say to people who say this is a fraud.
.. The guy answers that the people has no reason to create a fraud and he also says that his idea is just to make the case known.

Then the reporter says that, without a doubt, this case will have great repercussions around the world and that it will be added to the list of cases where these entities have been reported, and that they look like being closer to us everyday.

Legends tell us strange things have been happening to humans for years, but now with the Internet, and with so many people having cell phone cameras, we may discover there are visitors among us.

3 thoughts on “Transparent Humanoid in Veracruz,Mexico?

  1. Ann

    These types of stories are really interesting and this one with photos makes the subject intriguing. I’ve been told by several Mexicans that in Veracruz that are large number of people who practice the traditional art of witchcraft and related bodies of knowledge.

    Xeno, I thought you had a post on the policemen who encountered flying humanoids/witches elsewhere in Mexico (site below)? There was also the case in Monterrey (wasn’t it?), Mexico, where UFO experts were interviewed.

  2. Kevin

    Wow, that is quite a visual to behold!! These cases never cease to amaze me because they are so mysterious. One can only guess as to what exactly is in the picture, much like the strange voices in EVP and the ever-shadowy Shadow People.

    Cool article, Xeno. Keep up the great paranormal work!

  3. Henry

    I am from the usa, that said, i lived in puerto de veracruz in 2007. The oldest city in the americas. While living there, just two blocks from the terminal de autobus, i was pushed down stairs, awoken by something holding my legs down, and hearing many strange things. I now beleive these beings are for real! There is alot more to this story but it’s not for here. ~Henry~

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